About Me

Just a little bit about me and this site before you explore further. My name is Adam Richard Kaps. I am 28 years old. I completed my HND at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying Youth & Community Work. I am an enthusiastic person who strives always to improve myself and the projects I work with where I can. I have the ability to deconstruct problems and apply innovative solutions that are adaptive and respond to a variety of situations. Maintaining motivation and a strong sense of work ethics is something I pride myself on.

I was inspired to follow a career in youth and community work after finding myself homeless at age 17 and found myself engaging with youth services from that point. This was a major wake up call to what youth work was, as I hadn’t previously been aware that it existed (which reflecting on that I feel is such a shame). What appeals to me about youth and community work is the sense of achievement and satisfaction for when a group or person I am working with makes a positive change for themselves. I am keen to have more experiences of working in large organisations and to gain more experience in management.

This website will be both a Youth Work resource looking at materials I have developed as part of experiences from Youth Work and also it will be a collection personal achievements and beliefs as a way for you the reader to get a real sense of what I am like.