Education & Training


Achieved Qualifications

Dip. of Higher Education in Youth and Community Work

Level 5

Modules included (Module handbooks in each link):

Level 4

Modules included:

  • Youth Workers Toolkit
  • Community Research
  • Young People in Social Context
  • Human Development and Learning
  • Professional Practice – Placement module
More about the course can be found here

Foundation Year in Social Science

Modules included:

  • Introducing Psychology
  • Introducing Sociology
  • Introducing Health & Social Care
  • Introducing Youth and Community Work
  • Exploring Social Sciences (now renamed to “Critical Analysis in the Social Sciences”)
  • Key Skills in Social Science

This course previously to lead to the BA (Hons) in Youth & Community Work

More on the course can be found here

Level 3 Study

  • A- Level in Maths
  • AS-Level
    • Further Maths
    • English Literature
    • Chemistry


A*-C Grade (Level 2):

  • English Literature
  • Science
  • Additional Science
  • Maths
  • Catering
  • IT

D-G Grade (Level 1):

  • English language
  • Physical Education Studies
  • French


Substance Abuse

Cannabis Harm Reduction (NewLinks Wales)

Ecstasy Harm Reduction (NewLinks Wales)

Sexual Health

Cardiff C-Card Scheme (YMCA)

Mental Health

Suicide Intervention (Jacob Abraham Foundation)

Health & Safety

Health & Safety Level 2 (Cardiff County Council)

Lone Working (Youth Cymru)

First Aid (Cardiff County Council) – need refresher Management

Planning and writing successful funding bids – Fit for Funding (C3SC)

Accounting Basics (C3SC)

Preparing for Trading (C3SC)

Preparing a Sustainable Funding Strategy (C3SC)


Keeping Our Children Safe – training for Designated Person for Child Protection (Children in Wales)