LGBT+ Youth Provision

During my time as a young person at Loud & Proud (a former Cardiff Council LGBT youth provision), I was an active youth volunteer, helping to welcome new members and advocate for them to influence how the project was run. After some time it was the will of some of the member of the provision to form a constituted group/unincorporated association (called Loud & Proud Action Group, and then later PLAY [Proud, Loud and Young] Cymru) to apply for funding to run further projects. Our first project was a Building Confidence in LGBT+ Young People project which involved a residential with a number of young people and a range of activities to help

them form relationships and and be outside of their comfort zones. This project was funded by the European Union Youth in Action programme. Following one successful bid we had applied for a further Youth in Action grant to run a project called Equality in Fashion, a project we worked in partnership with Cardiff Council and Grassroots.

During this time Cardiff Council had finished Loud & Proud pilot project in 2012 and PLAY Cymru transformed into Queerdiff (which entered into a partnership agreement with Youth Cymru), the new LGBT+ youth provision for Cardiff. We had sucessfully been awarded the Starbuck Youth Action grant for just 1 year but we had successfully managed to continue to run the project for 21 months, doing more than we originally had planned. We ran drop-in group sessions, one-to-one floating support, staff training and consultation services. We ran a focus group session on behalf of Youth Cymru after they had asked for our input towards the bid for the Trans*Form Cymru project (I highly recommend that you download their Toolkit and their Charter).