Professional Interests

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

I became interested in the practice and policy development in regards to CSE after being made aware of the Barnardos SERAF Service as it was ran by Jan Coles (who with Sam Clutton developed the Sexual Exploitation Risk Assessment Framework in 2007) at the time, then later ran by Emma Kwaya-James.

A great guide for those looking to learn more on the subject should definitely read Dr Sophie Hallet‘s amazing book called “Making Sense of Child Sexual Exploitation.”

Welfare Systems

Since my time as a homeless young person I have been interested in the welfare benefits system. This initially was out of response to my immediate needs at that time, followed by a desire to help assist people to receive their entitlements in the complex system operated by government agencies such as the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and Local Authorities (LA).

Anti-discriminatory practice

I have always been concerned about our society being fair and just. Through my professional experience at running and LGBT+ youth provision (Queerdiff),  I have been one to proactively look to create more accessible environments for a diverse set of people or to provide services tailored to others who may have been excluded elsewhere.

A great introductory text to anti-discriminatory practice is by Anti-Discriminatory Practice: Equality, Diversity and Social Justice by Neil Thompson

Digital Youth Work

I have always been interested in the concepts of young people’s engagement through digital means. Particularly that it is done well. Exploring the challenges of online work and finding practical real world solutions is definitely something of interest to me.



I enjoy a multitude of games that vary from solo games with problem-solving puzzles and elements to multiplayer games which help foster co-operation and communication skills (or in case of Mario Kart a sense of sense of determination to beat your opponent). I am definitely more your family-friendly Nintendo type but I do enjoy other consoles but my favourite game at the moment must be The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I also enjoy writing about games as I have done with a review of Pokémon Go Plus.


Since my teenage years, I have been interested in writing/journalism and I have written a number of pieces for TheSprout, an online information and advice service funded by Cardiff Families First. TheSprout operates as a youth magazine which promotes youth written content edited by youth workers to provide advice, guidance and signposting. My most successful article was My Fight For A Career and I also have written their LGBT+ information page, during my time working for them.